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“Do Not Despise the Small Beginnings”

Crossing the threshold from the bathroom to the bedroom of our modest three-bedroom ranch-style home, I heard in my spirit, “I made you to write.” This was not the first time I had heard God speak to me so clearly and directly, and His words did not entirely surprise me. I had enjoyed journaling for…
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My Quiver of Arrows

Have you ever shot an arrow from a bow? Maybe at summer camp you once had the opportunity to shoot at a target with one? My husband is an archery hunter and spends one month each year trying to kill an elk with one of these weapons. He enjoys the sport, but also does this…
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He Sings Over You

My throat hurt and I was tired. It was mid afternoon as I carried my sleeping three- year-old daughter from her carseat into the house. Her eyes opened slightly and I told her she could go back to sleep on the couch. I was hoping she would so I could catch a short nap. We…
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