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When Jesus Walks in the Room

It’s a good thing my shoes were already off, because I was standing on holy ground. Sometimes Jesus walks in the room at the most unexpected times and places. Although they are really only unexpected to us. In my mind, I would be surrounded and enveloped by His presence that morning at church. You know,…
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Intentional Marriage Part 1: What is the Purpose of Marriage?

Standing on the landing of section 208, my eyes scan the crowd above me. In an auditorium of 12, 000, I’m looking for one head in the crowd. Back and forth I scan trying to remember where our seats are. In only a matter of seconds, I see his bright hazel eyes, a warm smile,…
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5 Reasons to Cherish Children

“Should we even have kids?” It was an unspoken question reverberating around the room amongst the newlyweds in our marriage group during a recent gathering. It seemed as though they were pondering this as those of us with young kids were discussing the challenges of prioritizing our marriage when you’re “in the thick of it”…
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